Pest Control Dhanmondi

If a list had to be given out charting all the elite areas of Dhaka city, Dhanmondi would surely be in it. Unfortunately, the increasing number of pests have not spared this neat area as well.
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Hail to the official site of pest control Dhanmondi. This website is dedicated to all the citizens of Dhanmondi, be that a resident or official or operating any vital job here. Search through the site to find out the most suitable pest control treatment according Your requirements.
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Services We Provide

bedbug control service


Do not hesitate to seek out help from us even at the slightest infestation of this blood-sucking insect in your home or business property.
cockroach control service

Cockroach Control

The most common insect seen in this area, if not seen in the whole country. Our cock killing spray is one of the finest that can take care of all.
rat control service

Rodent/ Rat Control

Although wild rodents are not seen here, domestic rodents like rats are still rising. With setting up rodent control stations, also trap gel and other techniques will apply for eliminating rodents.
termite control service

Termite Control

Keeping away and saving breakdown of your valuable properties like building, beds, almirah, and any other wooden furniture from insect Termite, beetle, worm, moth, bloodworm etc is our foremost duty.
mosquito control service

Mosquito control

To keep control of mosquito herds in different blocks of Dhanmondi our service team voluntarily made a map of red dots to get an idea which area is mostly affected and needs to be terminated. Mosquito control will be effective when Larvicide is under control which can be done through general chemical spray & fogging.
ant control service

Ant control

Both black and white ants are taken care of with ant prevention advice to the customers.
snake control service

Snake Control

Although snakes are almost extinct creatures in this area, you may see the non-venomous ones in the lake area sometimes. We still consider it an emergency to prevent .
cleaning service

Cleaning service

Heavy carpets, household, furniture, curtains are cleaned in our company by a special cleaning team.
disinfection service

Disinfection service

We have a separate disinfection service, through spraying we disinfect your house, office & others places you need. cleaning sewerage; drainage, garbage system are included
with our service.
We serve many industries
As Dhanmondi is an area packed with a variety of industries also , pest control Dhanmondi has extended its hand for controlling pests in every corner.
Multi-unit apartment
Each block of Dhanmondi holds a number of apartments where domestic activities go for a long length. We provide service to those apartments to maintain regular hygiene.
All sorts of hotels and motels are included in our service scheme to help the tourists and citizens spend a pest-free holiday.
Dhanmondi is the heart of several corporate hospitals and chambers of renowned doctors. We also provide our service facilities to them as well.
We provide our service in Other health care institutions such as nursing stations, NGOs, clinics, vaccination centers etc.
Educational institutions are a core part of building a good citizen, for getting good citizens need a good hygiene environment. Keeping that in mind, we never like to let any school, college, and university situated in Dhanmondi stay affected by pests. We give Priority to service these institutions.
Factories have a lot of goods, warehouses of raw materials and other items that can give rise to a number of pests. Our company inspect the rate of pest infestation and assure pest free factories.

Our pest examination service

All sorts of vicious pest insects are potential reasons enough to destroy your living & surrounding area. Are you worried about it? scarier it, that pests insects will come repeatedly if you don't take necessary measures

Before signing up to provide Pest control service to our customers we assess that only general chemical spray is not sufficient to keep control of these deadly insects. We include the assessments of pest infestation with regular service for getting more consolidated service. The pest infestation assessment is required for both home and business centers which helps the service provider to chalk out a solid plan regarding the pest situation and act accordingly. This will lower the pest infestation drastically.

About Pest Control Dhanmondi

Pest control Dhanmondi is the first pest control company specializing in this area. Although several other nationwide companies are giving their services in this area, we are the first one providing facilities only here.

We believe each area of Bangladesh is different from the others. That is not exceptional in the case of Dhanmondi as well. The pests here, with their life cycles, take different turns. So, an organization needed to step up and understand the situation regarding only this area.

We started our journey five years ago, keeping that in mind, operating solely in Dhanmondi. We have divided our services into two basics. One is our emergency service that is functional 24*7. It is active with a separate emergency team, who are trained to act and respond the earliest. They will conduct any pest-related crises. This service does not come with a preexisting pest inspection service.

Another one is our scheduled service where you will get a specific date and our workers will be there for pest examination . Along with our regular activities, our pest control organization has been associated with many voluntary activities of educating the masses on the basics of pest control and to achieve an ordinary hygienic sense. We aim to make Dhanmondi the first pest-free area of Bangladesh.

Why choose our professional pest control service

There are plenty of reasons to choose us among many. You just have to pick one reason, and we will already be there for your home or business, aiming to make it free from pests.

Since starting our journey five years ago, we have concentrated on training as many workers as possible, from national-level institutions.
As a result, our pest control company is managed by some of the most trained professional employees who can take any task in any situation. Regardless of the pest situation, they have thousands of experiences

Yes, you read it right. All these experiences in such a short time. All the thanks to our customers who put their faith in us when we were busy for giving them the quickest response possible.

Our chemical recipe and strategies match no other.These are imported from abroad and tested in our laboratory. These chemicals are only detrimental to insects, not for humans but suggested safe contact with chemicals.

Lastly, we will be giving back with 100% customer satisfaction once you sign up with us. Let's have a mutual agreement to serve you.